Internet / Blogging VS You

This blog is describe some of my thoughts which I got from my working experience with different people . You can say its about the bad habits of people in their professional life which leads to their degradation . My focus here is that  you should think about these aspects and try to follow them. I will stress on certain topics like Social media post languages , why people fear from writing .

Your post shows your attitude on social networking sites

Many times I see people are posting or writing really bad way . I am not talking about fancy words or words by which they really didn’t mean anything. People really fail to structure their questions and answers in a way to easily understand by others .

And then they say “come on don’t take it seriously , It’s just internet. “

But actually their post making Internet worst place to store their data which is not understandable. What they fail in this is that they never reach to the highs which their masters achieved who follow some standards in their thoughts.

I feel Post or anything you share on social networking sites actually shows your thoughts , attitude towards your work you do and effort you put in your work. It’s basically a untold responsibility which everyone should understand that every character you write on Internet use some memory of database , It use hardware’s to keep your data store. It means you are misusing the technology with your bad data. I am not talking here about quality of data. I am talking here about not give correct shape to your data. Which you can give easily.

When you are asking any question you are not only asking question but you are expressing your self in front of other person . The way you ask question shows how deeply you understand that particular problem. So always before posting anything please keep your facts correct.

Think about it!

How do I get my fellow programmers to blog without blogging, to write without writing?

I understand saying some one that “You should write blog!” is really easy but it never works.  I know the pain behind writing  first blog is really tough. Blogging isn’t for every one. I am not sure what experience you have but Facebook, stack overflow  taught me how to write things effectively. You learn from good and bad’s of people. I always test my writing skills on Stackoverflow , Facebook because these are the place where I get quick reply on my questions. I understood how to write quality of questions , quality of answer , well structured , it also helped me in changing attitude when you ask question or answering to other person .

I learned writing from submitting proposal in conferences , making notes while working , writing comments in my programs . I understand many programmer have habit of making grammar mistake while writing. It’s not because you can’t write but it’s because you evolve a lot in programming syntax’s that you forgot English grammar .

In order to give push to yourself towards blogging I suggest you to checkout this site . Becoming expert writer is long way you can not become expert in one day.Process of writing is a journey of discovery which never ends .

Mostly you should write a lot.  I thought Jon Skeet well summed up here :-

Everyone should write a lot – whether it’s a blog, a book, Stack Overflow answers, emails or whatever. Write, and take some care over it. Clarifying your communication helps you to clarify your own internal thought processes, in my experience. It’s amazing how much you find you don’t know when you try to explain something in detail to someone else. It can start a whole new process of discovery.

I am not a good writer . Give me a push towards blogging!

Below I am including some thought’s of people and sources they use for improving their writing skills.

  1. Writing skills improve you memory check out  .
  2. Article on working memory . Must read.
  3. Better communication
  4. Gerald Weinberg observed in his 1971 classic, The Psychology of Computer Programming, that the most important language for a programmer to know isn’t a programming language at all, but English, as programming is primarily a social activity



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