How it’s like to Travel New Orleans?

I am jazzed!



Nola (birds eye view)

La Nouvelle-Orleans or The Big Easy or Most Unique is not only famous for it’s annual festival which is most notably “Mardi gras”. But the city also famous for it’s music, cuisine, French Architecture and Birth place of jazz Music. Nola do have lot of places which one should experience if you ever travel to this city.

The interesting thing I understood from my traveling experience is “You really can’t understand the city if you just visit the tourist places. In order to really really enjoy any place one should definitely understand the culture, history, live in local houses, streets, talk to local people and have local food.”

In this blog,  I would like to share my experience of travel  to Big Easy. I am gonna divide my experience in below paramount points which I think cover most of the part of city.

History of Geography (2 cents) : 

Nola is located in southeastern Louisiana, side to Mississippi River. The city is named after the Duke of Orleans, as it was established by French colonists and influenced by their European culture.

  1. How to reach?

Well, I am sure you can check the google map for same. I was traveling form India(Goa). My flight route was from Goa to Delhi , Delhi to Newark and Newark to Nola Airport. You can also get the flight from Mumbai to Newark.

I would suggest book a window sit because you surly don’t want to miss a beautiful view of few miles long bridge connecting to city, followed by stunning view of row  house societies from your flight Newark to Nola Airport.


Places to experience

  • Morning Mississippi River side walk  

    This place is silent and not much crowed because of which the beauty lies in it. You can spend ample amount of time with yourself by walking or sitting on bank of Mississippi river. It is also good a cycling. The Fresh air, sound of river, calmness and cargos/ferry  in river will set the mood for entire day.


Mississippi River




  • Aquarium  (cost: around $15)

Though the aquarium is not that fascinating. But it’s worth while to visit to give a close look to aqua life.


Aquarium/IMAX theater

  • Short movie in IMAX 3D (cost: around $10)

I would highly suggest to watch this movie. After watching I realized there is huge difference in 3D in India and Nola. 🙂 If you are with family and kids. I am sure they gonna love it.

  • Banana ice-cream outside Aquarium (cost : $5)

I really like the idea because it’s healthy and not actual ice cream. Specially for Ice cream freaks (kids even adults too). It’s basically a thin layer of chocolate on banana with some sprinkles on it.

  • Bourbon street

This street is crazy, fun and sexy at same time. In Nola, this is the only street where you can grab a beer and walk on street with it. The actual crowd begins around 6 PM and stops in early morning. You will find lot’s of good restaurants with live jazz music, People dancing in balcony and street. Strip clubs, beautiful ladies and cheerful crowd, street robot dancing. I would say Nola live it’s life on this street and in morning you will say “Life is good!”

It doesn’t matter if you are with family, kids or with your gags. This street have something for all.

Best strip clubs: I would say in my experience go for hustler. Because you will enjoy the good poll dance and your money is safe here.


  • French Quarter 

It’s the oldest neighbor hood in the town. This place is side to Catholic cathedral. I would recommend do visit this place because of it’s nightlife and restaurants.


  • World war II museum

Oh my guns! Have you ever seen any World war II documentary or movie?

If yes, then It’s super awesome place for you to get a feel of Weapons used in World war II. I am a “Army brat”. so, these stuff super excites me.


source :, God, I lost my pic 😦

  • St. catholic cathedral

You can go for a ghost tour here where you will not see actual ghost. Not worth spending money. But the architecture of cathedral is pretty awesome it’s kind or  Mahal of Aladdin. There is a small park in front of it and you will find lot’s a taro card reader surrounded to park. You can even try the tonga ride here which shows you Nola streets in night.




  • View of tankers / ferries in Mississippi river 

Oh, it’s really beautiful feeling. Sitting on river side and big tankers /ferries going in front of you in beautiful river. 


  • Live Jazz music in restaurants



  • Evening/ Night walk in streets


  • Weed tradition



  • Bubba gump shrimpIt’s a great restaurant. Started after the Forest Gump movie. It have a tradition kind of BBQ. They say Forest RUN to start a service and FOREST STOP. Over all good service, good food and Good surrounding.


  • Place : Bourbon street.
  • Incident: There was this black guy beating a girl and crowd protected her and make the guy run away. I think it was heroic reaction of crowd and we all should protect each other in all part of world. It really doesn’t matter which part of world you are in.

Some Popular words and expressions in town:

  • Brah – A shortened form of “brother”.
  • Cold drink – Soda or fizzy drink
  • Hey, baby – Endearing greeting.
  • Po-boy/Poor Boy – A French bread sandwich of New Orleans.
  • Where y’at? – How are you?
  • Yeah you right! – Expression of agreement or happiness.


  • Hurricane alcoholic drink made with rum, fruit juice, and syrup or grenadine.
  • Lobster
  • Amber beer
  • Chicken

Open Question and problem:

  1. I personally felt the town has differences between local black and white people living and working standards. Just for e.g I haven’t seeing any white man/women doing laundry job or cleaning job anywhere.
  2. Homeless : lot’s of homeless people in town.

Note: Please feel free to ask me any question you have about this city? I will try my best to address. Also, be open to share your experience and talk about Open questions and perception of mine in comments.

Keep Traveling!